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Access and use of this website (hereinafter "the website") necessarily implies knowledge and acceptance without reservations of any kind, each and every one of the terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice, as well as general or specific conditions, where appropriate,be applicable.




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This website allows users access different content and services offered by HEO SLU. (hereinafter "The Company"),entity of Spanish nationality with CIF-B66496365 and registered office at PG. GARCIA FARIA NUM. 49, 08019 Barcelona - (Barcelona) -Information:, provides Internet services through the main website in under the conditions stated herein.

The company is registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, Volume 44754, Folio 197, Sheet B 465467 Registration 1

Users may contact the company through the following means:
08019 Barcelona España 
PHONE: +34 930 132 817




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The company develops and designs, directly or indirectly, web this page for free publicly available. The contents of it collects news, launches, promotions and services associated with products associated with the company, which reserves the right to make changes whenever it sees fit without notice.

Logos, pictures and texts of this website are owned by the company. The user agrees to do not violate these property rights, refrain from using this media and its contents contradict the provisions of this Legal Notice or actions that violate laws broadly or ethical codes in force on access and use information or content posted on Internet, either to detriment of the company or to detriment of others.

Any dissemination, distribution or reproduction of content from this website, whatever your application including its mere storage, total or partial, requires the express prior written consent of the Company except where otherwise indicated.

This website may contain links to third party websites whose contents COMPANY information and not responsible or assume any one guarantor who were the agreements for these links. The company also reserves the right to cancel or cancel such links at any time and without notice or justification.

You may not in any way modify or delete data which are posted on this site or add any content. Users may solely access the content through the means or procedures that have been made available on the website, provided they do not involve a violation of Intellectual / Industrial Property or any type of loss to the website of THE COMPANY and / or information or services offered.

The User agrees without reservation of any kind, to access and / or use the services and the information contained on the website in accordance with the legislation force at all times, all terms and conditions set forth in this Legal Notice, as in the general or special conditions, if any,be applicable, ethical codes applicable, morals and public order.also undertakes to do not carry out the following activities:

  • Discriminatory propaganda disseminate content or gender, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, justifying terrorism or against human rights.
  • Perform acts contrary to the rights of Intellectual Property and / or Industrial of their rightful owners.
  • Use the Web page as well as the contents and services offered through it so that can prevent normal operation or damage the property and / or rights of the Company, its suppliers or in general, any third party.

Damage to the computer systems of the company, its suppliers or third parties and / or introduce or spread computer viruses, malware or other systems that can cause damage to computer systems.

  • Transmit publicity or send unsolicited or unauthorized electronic messages.
  • For registered users, use false identities or impersonate others in the use of the website of the company, including the use, where appropriate, of passwords or access codes third party.
  • Create entries (Pages) social networks that are referred directly or indirectly to the company, its products, this website, inform in a manner that explicitly or implicitly can detract the image of the company, its products or this website in any of its dimensions or meanings, whether or not covered by the rules and terms of use of these social networks.

You acknowledge and agree that access and use of the website and the services offered therein are performed under its risk. Therefore, Users undertake to properly use the website and its services and content and undertake to exercise due care with regard specifically to the use of online shopping services.

THE COMPANY is not be liable to User or third parties, damages and / or losses that may arise, either directly or indirectly, by improper use of the website or the contents and / or services accessible through the same by the user, the user being solely responsible for the damages and / or losses that may arise from this cause.




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COMPANY reserves, without notice at any time, the right to temporarily suspend access to its website and make any changes it deems appropriate in the same, services or information offered, the presentation or location the same and this Legal Notice.

The Company is not responsible for the information, services and / or products and / or, where appropriate, provided by third parties through the web site of the company or content provided by others.

The company also not be liable for damages, losses, expenses or damages, direct or indirect, that could cause users or third parties, without limitation and without limitation, damage to software or hardware of the user arising from access or use of the website or use of information or services contained therein, inability to access the website for reasons not attributable to the company, disclosure of personal information for misuse of passwords causes, etc.

THE COMPANY does not guarantee the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness or accuracy of the information or services contained in its website shall not be liable for any direct or indirect connection with the use of the contents of its website.

THE COMPANY does not guarantee that the contents of the web site is suitable or available outside Spain. In the event that all or part of the contents of the website of the Company is considered illegal in countries other than Spain, access to them and their use by users is prohibited, and if this occurs It shall be solely the responsibility of the users, being obligated to comply with applicable national laws.




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COMPANY informs the user of the possible placing of "cookies" along the navigation on the computer of them, so that when browsing the Web page, you may automatically recognize, among others, the IP address computer users and other potential navigational data. The use of cookies shall only be for purpose of maintaining the browsing session as way of identifying the user or for statistical purposes for exclusive use of the company as are, for example, determine the frequency of visits to the website, what paragraphs and content visited by the user, etc. are

If you do not wish to accept the generation of cookies on your computer, you should remove this possibility by setting the appropriate option in the configuration section of your own web browser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company is not responsible for the irregularities that the non acceptance of cookies during browsing to the web page may cause.




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The contents included on the website, understanding by them, without this list being restrictive, those relating to design and structure of the website, texts, sounds, logos, animations, images, videos , source codes, trademarks, trade names, logos, etc. They are owned by the Company or owned by third parties who have consented to the company its incorporation into the website, so they are subject to the rights of intellectual property.

Rights to content are exclusive to the company or, where appropriate, to third parties who have consented to the company its incorporation into the website. Reproduction, distribution, exploitation, processing, disposal and / or public communication, either freecharge or not authorized such content constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights and / or industrial company or third holder thereof, and may result in the exercise of any judicial or extrajudicial actions may be entitled in the exercise of their rights to the Company and / or third party owners.

The user undertakes to respect the rights of intellectual and industrial property of the company owned and, where appropriate, the third parties in accordance with current legislation on intellectual and industrial property and the terms and conditions contained in this Notice Legal. In this way, users undertake not to carry out actions that might infringe, directly or indirectly, rights of intellectual and / or industrial both company and, where appropriate, third party content owners that could appear on the website.

The User shall be solely responsible before the Company and third parties for any losses, expenses, damages and / or losses that may arise by reason of breach of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs and, in this sense, is obliged to maintain the Company harmless from any actions and / or claims of any kind that could bring the said breach by the User.




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THE COMPANY reserves the right to change, without notice at any time, the contents of all or some of the contained in this Legal Notice in order to adapt to current regulations to be apply at all times either the operation or the addition of new services. In event of such amendment occur, the company is committed to conveniently publish on the website the Legal modified or updated so that is available to users as well as any other interested person. In any case, shall apply Legal Notice which were published at the time you actually access the website and / or services offered therein are used.