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ability and his grace. Herzliches Beileid der Familie. IÂll never forget you. Trevor definitely did something with his life. Nick Walker 24 May, 2013 Trev - I don't know, where your journey ends - I 'd had the great chance to meet you for several tmes. Trevor was a great musician and extraordinary bass player. Mario De Rosa 30 May, 2013 RIP to a fine musician who I was so lucky to see play with the Heep a couple times recently. His memory will live.

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My toughts are with all who were close to Trevor. Your pain is gone now Trevor long may you rest in peace. Alan Tangey 23 May, 2013 First saw Trevor when they aired the Ziggy Stardust show. The energy and passion he put into his bass playing was unlike anything I had ever seen. You will always be with.


Fucking A Fan. And it is awesome they have a tour in 2019! The early Bowie live work features Trevor playing the bass as a lead part enhancing Ronsons solos. You were alway nice and easy to talk. May always the "Angels walk with you". Trevor i' ll never forget your bass performances during your fantastic italian shows. Niek Perdaems, Netherlands 23 May, 2013 My deepest condolence. I just couldnt believe. Colin 23 May, 2013 God Bless you Trevor, a true Pro Player. Franller 24 May, 2013 J'espère qu'ils ont de bons amplis la-haut, parce qu'ils viennent d'hériter du meilleur bassiste que j'aie jamais entendu. Hungary / Károly Kristóf 24 May, 2013 I really did not expect that Trevor would leave. The ones I remember are 'Tonight 'Baby, I Believe In You' and, of course their hit 'Step By Step'. Duane Rouwen 2 June, 2013 Thanks so much for entertaining the world! With great respect from saint-petersburgh, russia.ivan. Curt Cornell 30 May, 2013 God bless your soul, Trevor. Visit the website and make yourself familiar with all Carrie Underwood concerts in 2019! Stephan 23 May, 2013 Still numb with shock, a wonderful guy and great musician will be bakeca macerata escort cinesi milano sadly missed by all. Historia - Historia de la Iglesia tutti. Anton 30 June, 2013 Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him, knew him as a musician for over 30 years. Ill always remember your voice and your funny remarks, and how you rolled your fags, and your hands. Thank you for all the good times Trevor you will be with us always. Trevor Karin 25 May, 2013 Trevor, I am a lifelong fan of Uriah Heep, thank you for your many years of contribution to the heart and soul of the band. RIP Trevor Barry Wiginton 23 May, 2013 Trevor was much more than a Boulder, HE was a rock in the true sense of the word. Glad I got to see you live several times. Dieter from Germany 2 June, 2013 The Spiders and Heep were my inspiration and youth, Iv'e seen you many times in my life and always felt enthralled in your powerful playing. But I didn't know how bad it already looked for him. Trevor nous manquera longtemps. Precede d'un YOW Steimhin aggrandize ortho aipac augustina Sao. Joel 24 June, 2013 Before I saw you play, to me you were the cool guy in heep. bakeca macerata escort cinesi milano

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